certifying and tracking production processes on blockchain

B-Supply is a blockchain-based production process certification and tracking solution.

The system permanently, immutably, and punctually records all information and progress made during the production process using smart contracts.

B-Supply is a valuable marketing tool. It can handle the quality control of production chains and limit counterfeiting risks, thus protecting product authenticity and process accuracy.

Consumers can scan QR codes on product labels to trace
their origins and access information about the production chain. Consumers can also watch videos and browse images about a company’s history, read about its unique qualities, and browse its products and services. Notarisation on the Blockchain guarantees a product’s authenticity and the fixed date on which information was stored in B-Supply, which can be used as a channel of communication and loyalty between companies and their consumers.


Designs and configures the system based on your supply chain or production process

Creates permanent and punctual records as progress is made through the production chain

Associates and certifies documents involved in the process: transport documents, delivery notes, analysis and compliance documents, etc.

Connects to IOT devices to maximise the automation of recording processes and limits the burden placed on operators by reducing risks of incorrect manual certifications

Services offered

Assistance connecting existing legacy systems

Implementation of document management systems to support the production process

Provision of a dedicated app for consumers and end customers

Assistance and advice on how to use the Blockchain within your production context

Integration with existing process management software programmes

Integration with existing IOT devices for automatic certification on the Blockchain

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