Document Management


DMSs and document registration

Document management systems (or DMSs) are critical for drafting, sharing, and archiving documents (be they text files, images, or multimedia), which represent a tangible information asset and thus a strategic asset.

DMSs allow you to handle all document processes using a computerised system. Their classic archiving features are accompanied by the option to categorise, index, and search documents using cutting-edge methods.

Users can use DMSs to collaborate in the drafting of documents and monitor different document versions using the versioning feature. Digitising document workflows optimises buiness processes and how they are governed and monitored.

Flosslab’s document management systems can be integrated with other applications (such as the Computer Protocol, ERPs, and electronic storage systems), and internet and intranet portals.


One centralised archive

Improves performance

Reduced costs

Streamlines workflows

Guarantees data and document security

Controls and monitors workflows


Structured and secure archiving


Advanced and full-text search functionality

Collaboration tools


Advanced user permissions profiling

Document workflows

Access via a file system and/or web interface

Scalable and customisable

Can be integrated with other applications

Can be integrated with Google Drive

Can be integrated with internet/intranet portals

FlossLab has more than a decade of experience designing and implementing document management and computer protocol systems for its customers.

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