An innovative and comprehensive electronic voting system

B-Voting is an innovative electronic voting system integrated with all electoral event management procedures, including system set-up, credential distribution, voting, ballot collection, preferential vote counting, and the publication of results

B-Voting relieves voting organisers of their responsibility for guaranteeing the anonymity and non-alterability of votes, and transfers the burden to the platform itself.

B-Voting permanently, immutably, and punctually records all progress made during voting process phases with the help of smart contracts to execute and store operations.

Functional aspects


Open ballots / Secret ballots

Real-time counting / Closed-vote counting

Votes verifiable by voter / Votes not verifiable by voter

Operational aspects

Voters with wallet / Voters without wallet (i.e., system wallet)

Surveyed voters / Non-surveyed voters

Automatic vote counting / Vote counting with teller certification

Logical aspects

Multiple preferences / Single preference

Votes with qualitative assessment (scale 1-10) / Votes without assessment

Weighted votes / Uniform votes

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