Process Digitalisation


Workflows and automation

Process digitalisation systems can digitalise workflows and automate processes.
This can be achieved by implementing advanced workflow engines to manage assigned tasks and monitor user actions. Data and documents associated with specific activities can be shared in compliance with strict security criteria, while system users can communicate by sending requests to each other. User profiling makes it possible to customise user permissions.


Optimisation and streamlining of business activities

Sharing and standardisation of procedures

Reduced costs

Centralisation of data (so that it can be integrated and accessed by users with the required permissions)

Increased productivity

Process control and monitoring


Analysis and definition of preventive processes

Granular customisation

User profiling and group permissions

Task assignment

Personal dashboard and notification system

Workflow monitoring system

Business intelligence system (reports and statistical analysis)

Integration with other applications

Integration with internet/intranet portals

Process management products and services:


A suite of applications for the digital management of organisations


A Certification and Process Tracking System on Blockchain

Technology consultancy specialising in process digitisation

Custom application design and development

Research support

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