Advanced digital signature
on Blockchain

Thanks to B-Signature, multiple people can sign the same source document without altering it. Use of a smart contract connected to the Blockchain can guarantee signatures applied to the same document.

B-Signature is a full SaaS and does not require ad-hoc software to sign or decrypt source documents.

Thanks to B-Signature, you can share documents that need to be signed with a link, without having to exchange copies of the same document, which could cause you to lose track of the signing process.

B-Signature makes it possible to manage document versions within the Blockchain and to integrate document management systems in use by the administration using an API.

B-Signature is easy to integrate into existing provisioning systems, allowing you to digitally sign documents without the need for hardware ‘devices’ for individual users. Signatures can be affixed to documents using keys provided by blockchain technology.

B-Signature allows an indefinite number of users to sign the same document.

The B-Signature system complies with the EU eIDAS (electronic IDentification Authentication and Signature) Regulation on advanced electronic signatures.


Thanks to B-Signature, several parties can sign the same document at the same time or in succession, preventing the problematic ‘cascade’ of digital signatures that can alter documents.

Time stamps:

B-Signature associates time stamps with documents, recording their creation dates on the Blockchain permanently, unlike other stamps provided by commercial providers.


Document certification on the Blockchain guarantees the integrity and unchangeability of content over time.


The smart contract allows you to manage successive document revisions, ensuring that the actions and IDs of those signing remain unchanged in each version.

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