Document Registration and Management

Seedoc automatically produces a daily log in PDF/A format, which ensures that documents are static and cannot be changed, making them suitable for long-term archiving. Seedoc also creates transfer packages for logs that are ready to be sent for electronic archiving.

Seedoc (formerly Seedoo) is a document registration and management platform that allows you to manage the full document and protocol process, thus reducing the amount of time and money spent on archiving and process management.

The Document Registration is an entry and exit point for correspondence and documents in general. It allows users to acquire, record, search, and consult documents generated within administrative and/or business processes.

Assignment workflow and document management modules make it easy to share documents within your organisation, monitor processes, and archive relevant documents within a structured system.

Seedoc has been developed in compliance with AgID’s (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale) regulations and guidelines on document flows, the Computer Protocol, and electronic archiving.

Its main features include:

A VIRTUAL DASHBOARD: manage documents, systems, and work queues, and monitor processes;

PEO and PEC: use your standard or PEC (certified) email accounts within a dedicated interface and monitor the delivery status of recorded documents sent via certified (PEC) email on a dashboard.

ADDRESS BOOK: manage a centralised and shared company address book containing well-organised and up-to-date master data;

WORKFLOWS: simplify document workflows by identifying offices or users based on their role and expertise, and monitor the status of documents that have been assigned, transferred to, or rejected by recipients on a dashboard;

ADVANCED ARCHIVING SYSTEM: organise your documents effectively using an advanced archiving system that classifies recorded documents using a configurable multi-level reference filing system containing different aggregation levels;

DEMATERIALISATION: digitise all of your incoming paper documents and mass import digitised paper documents;

SEARCH FUNCTION: search recorded documents using the advanced search box, filters, and metadata.

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