About us


A story about people

Flosslab is a software house that provides advanced software solutions to public bodies and businesses. It specialises in document management, process digitalisation, web solutions, and blockchain technology solutions.

Our story


The company was founded by professors Giulio Concas and Michele Marchesi in 2007 as the first spin-off of the University of Cagliari. Their objective was to industrialise and bring to market the results of their research into technological innovation. Thanks to ongoing investment in Research & Development and partnerships with numerous universities, research hubs, and companies, Flosslab has consolidated its expertise and built a broad portfolio containing highly innovative and high-performance solutions that exploit cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of customers.


In 2018, Flosslab joined the Net Service SpA Group. As a result, Flosslab can now offer the innovation, dynamism, and flexibility of a small company combined with the solidity and security of the Net Service Group.

Our values

“Who are we?

A normal group of people working together? Or something more? Perhaps our desire to define our values is a value in itself… A need to shun the act of shutting down for the day at 6pm. A need to stop thinking that the person on the computer next to us suddenly vanishes.

In all of this, there is a desire to give a shared meaning to what makes us unique. To participate in an ecosystem… You cannot believe you belong to a society if you do not view humans as social beings. We should reflect on the fact that our skills are meaningless without those of others.

We are all headed in the same direction, and we are all indispensable and unique. When we communicate with the outside world, words come out of one person’s lips, with the strength of many minds, and many souls. And so, we do our best to push our limits. We find the courage to take on new challenges and innovate, because we knows that we have the understanding and support we need.

Knowledge spreads and multiplies. It creates new ideas. And as a result, personal ambition and shared goals become one and the same. The group and its individual qualities coincide. And customers appreciate this. And start participating in our environment; they start becoming indispensable. They participate in society… And inherit its values.

The process of achieving results becomes the result itself.

An added value that is not divisible.”

Certified quality

We are a social and innovative ecosystem geared towards the creation of added, non-divisible value for our customers. As a result, at FlossLab, we have adopted a strategic approach and have formalised our values in a Quality Management System that complies with an internationally recognised model. FlossLab has possessed UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification since 19 December 2013, which was awarded by DNV GL Business Assurance Italia Srl for the following fields of application: Design, development, implementation, support and maintenance of application software products; ICT support and consulting services (IAF: 33, 35).