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Flosslab is highly experienced in creating web solutions (portals, websites, eCommerce, apps) that respond to the complex requirements of the private and public sectors.

We base our services on proven expertise, which allows us to design and develop reliable and high-performance IT systems. At Flosslab, we act as a tech partner for our customers. We kick start our consultancy-based approach by analysing your needs to ensure we make effective technological decisions that align with your current needs and future strategic developments.


CMS: Wherever possible, we use highly customisable CMSs (Content Management Systems) with intuitive, user-friendly panels that allow users to quickly make updates and changes independently.

UX / UI: The Flosslab team specialises in UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) research. We strongly believe in user-centred design. We develop intuitive interfaces that users feel comfortable navigating. Solution usability is always our top priority.

Graphic design: When working on customer-oriented projects, we place importance on visual identity and image design, in coordination with our customers’ communication strategies.

Mobile: Thanks to our mobile-first approach, we can design and develop web solutions for use on smartphones via apps, responsive websites, or hybrid solutions such as PWAs (Progressive Web Apps)

Integration: Flosslab’s solutions can be fully integrated with the third-party apps and management systems used by our customers. This approach allows us to simplify and optimise processes wherever possible.>

Web solution products and services:


E-commerce with an anti-counterfeiting module

Technological consultancy with a focus on blockchain technology

Custom application design and development

Research support

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