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In the Public Administration sector, FlossLab’s Smart Video Surveillance System (FlossVS) has been confirmed as an effective tool to manage particularly important areas, both small and large in size.

The remote management of the whole video surveillance structure, coupled with the Video Content Analysis technology and to the Event-Action Matrix, allow for the optimisation and the rationalisation of video surveillance activity, increasing its security at the same time.  The automation of certain actions (such as opening gates), the notification system and the high customisation make it effective and one of a kind.

FlossLab offers a complete suite of road safety systems and services alongside its video surveillance system, with which it is possible to equip a Road Safety Office or a Monitoring Centre. This suite, made of Open-SIS and SITIS, permits to manage the compliance with commitments related to accidents, perform statistical analyses of data and locate critical points through geo-referencing.

Open-SIS is a complete software infrastructure for managing and analyse road accidents, and it has two main components:

  • SIGIS: Sistema Informativo Gestionale Incidenti Stradali (Road Accidents Information-Management System), through which to enter and manage data on road accidents detected by the Local Police, print accident sheets and documents to send to Prefectures and Public Prosecutor’s Offices. Other features include the geo-referencing of data, the document management of multimedia attachments (pictures, surveys, etc…), the creation of files for the ISTAT report model.
  • SISIS: Sistema Informativo Statistico Incidenti Stradali (Road Accident Statistical Information System), through which data from the management software or imported from other sources (data import from ISTAT, Municipal Police, Road Police, Carabinieri) are processed, with multi-dimensional analysis and graphs. It is also possible to print reports on the analyses.

SITIS, Sistema Informativo Territoriale Incidenti Stradali (Road Accident Local Information System) allows to geo-reference anonymised accident data on GIS, with possible searches and selections based on data associated to a specific accident, like type and date. In this way, the essential information on road networks and their safety can be gathered, offering an important support to administrative decisions.