Social Management and Sentiment Analysis

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Social Media Management

FlossLab has a specialised marketing and communication team, who constantly work on managing the company Social channels of our Clients. Our activity includes:

  • Devising a Social Media Strategy: defined according to the target market, and in line with the company Marketing and Communication Plan;
  • Content Editing: content, based on the source material shared by the Client and/or on news from the web, is edited and adapted to the most suitable style;
  • Post planning and scheduling: the creation and scheduling of posts matters significantly in the decision of which content to share and of the best times for one’s target, as well as for the usage habits of each social network. FlossLab employs professional software tools to better carry out these tasks;
  • Community management: a community manager structures, creates, and manages, the virtual community that gathers around one’s brand. Managing feedback and stimulating discussions and word-of-mouth is absolutely essential. For this reason, an accurate analysis of comments and discussions made by users on products is vital to quickly gauge the market. Community management thus has a double role: not only creating and stimulating the virtual community, but also, and mostly, receiving the input from users/consumers, and sharing it with producers as a useful decision-making tool for managers;
  • Social Crisis Management: direct communication in social networks means for companies to have to face possible complaints from users/customers. Knowing how to manage those moments professionally means saving the credibility of the company and avoiding possible reputation crises, with negative consequences for image and sales;
  • Engagement and Interaction: stimulate engagement and interaction in users means keeping one’s page alive and creating appeal and interest;
  • Monitoring: constant performance monitoring makes it possible to analyse the positivity or negativity of choices in Social Management for a constant improvement of activities;
  • Periodic Reporting: processing periodic Reports guarantees the monitoring and analysis of the status of work by Clients, who will periodically receive documents presenting possible critical factors, suggested corrections, and an evaluation of certain actions. Reports will be sent to clients every two months.

Sentiment Analysis

The Sentiment Analysis service is aimed to analyse textual information extractable from social channels in an analytical way, in order to detect users’ evaluations, opinion, attitudes, and feelings regarding a product or a service. This makes it possible to “find and listen to”  the tone (or sentiment) of users in real time, whether it be stated in positive, negative, or neutral terms.

Sentiment analysis is carried out using a bespoke Italian language thesaurus that integrates semantic, syntactic, and grammar information. Results can also be cross-checked against sales data of a product, in order to evaluate the presence of possible relations between the appreciation expressed by users in the social channels and the actual sales of the product, especially in conjunction with the launch of new products, promotional campaigns, or during particular events.

It is also possible to integrate various statistical data from one’s own channels to gather more information: which post type is shared more often? Do your customers like videos or pictures more? Which is the optimal post length to get more effective feedback from your target?