2 ed premio Giulio Concas Software Libero

The second year of the “Giulio Concas” Award for the best presentation on Free Software will be held on Saturday, 24 October 2015, in honour of our dear Giulio.

The convention will be part of the Linux Day organised by the Linux Users Group of Cagliari (Gruppo Utenti Linux Cagliari – GULCh), by the association “Apriti Software!”, and by the Agile Group, with the endorsement of the Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering (DIEE). Participation is open to all enthusiasts wishing to present a topic related to Linux, Open Source, or Free Software to the panel and the audience.

FlossLab and DIEE, of which Giulio was an esteemed professor, offer a prize of €500 for the winning project.

For more information, rules, and brochures, please visit Gulch’s website.


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