Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA

Strategy consulting and application development

Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA is a big Italian telecommunication company, one of the leading carriers for mobile, landlines, and Internet.

Their need was to have a very fast Partner that could implement business directions coming from Marketing, which often has to respond to competitors’ moves in a matter of days. The partner should have had to work with them on several aspects of their business, from online topup to their Intranet system for contract management and activations in shops on the new Wind website.

In order to meet that need, we chose to make a Team together with other partners, which, through the use of  agile methodologies, could guarantee constant requirement chances and move quickly to fast implementation of new business directions in a continuously working system, with almost real-time updates.

This model led to the creation of a Team dedicated to the project, who follows all of Wind’s trends and works in close contact with them. FlossLab’s size makes it possible to add development groups to the dedicated Team, so as to implement complex solutions in a few days.

In order to manage these levels of complexity, it was essential to adopt very advanced methodologies, both in terms of Project Management and in terms of application of Agile Methodologies, paying close attention to Continous Integration, Whole Team, Sprint, etc.

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