Parco Naturale Molentargius-Saline

Creation of ad Advanced Video Surveillance System

Parco Naturale Regionale Molentargius-Saline is a local institution that supervises the protection of a wetland area covering around 1600 hectares, surrounded by the urban expansion of the Municipalities of Cagliari, Quartu Sant’Elena, Selargius, Quartucciu, and by the Poetto seaside.

Flosslab, in an RTI (Temporary Grouping of Companies) with other companies, participated in a public call for tenders that asked for the creation of the access system to the park and of protection of the Molentargius Park Area, including in particular the installation, configuration, and management of a new video surveillance system distributed in 9 new stations and 5 gates, as well as  the integration of the new system with the 7 stations of the previous system.

To undertake this project, the park was provided with the FlossVS suite, which includes a module for number plate scanning and the so-called video gatekeeping. In particular, through the FlossVS system, video streams from the new 9 stations, together with video streams from the old 7 stations, have been centralised. The centralisation of all those streams allowed the park operators to actively manage the images provided by cameras, which, once some “motion”-type sensitive areas had been configured, could allow the software to signal possible anomalous behaviours in certain time slots.

The project also included the management of a central gate inside the area, which would serve to block people without an authorisation from using the main street of the park to drive irregularly from Cagliari to Quartu, and vice versa. The solution offered a bar with motorised opening, which is only activated when the vehicles approaching the gate have number plates that belong to a set list, or it can be activated manually, remotely from a control centre, in case one of more persons identified themselves through the video intercom installed near the bar.

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