Case History: Tholos

Creation of a company CRM

Tholos is an Energy service company (ESCo) specialised in obtaining and managing Energy Efficiency Titles (Titoli di Efficienza Energetica, TEE).

In 2011, its fast expansion in Italy brought the need to introduce a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that could manage both negotiations and internal sales processes.

FlossLab’s proposition of an highly customisable solution based on OpenERP was the stimulus that led to the creation and the evolution of the project.

The initial solution, created mainly to manage all the pieces of information about Clients (personal data, communications, appointments), and related negotiations, was gradually customised to include the management of the whole sales process at Tholos, based on specific approval flows.

The close interaction during the process engineering phase, and the potential of the platform, made it possible to build an actual integrated system for the management of primary flows over the years, bringing Tholos to become a paradigm of Digital Native Enterprise.

The main processes involved in our long-standing consulting and partnership relationship have been:

  • Company protocol management
  • Contract Management
  • Technical Project Management
  • TEE Title Management (Tholos’s Core Business)
  • Supply Management
  • Analytical Accounting and Budgeting (with data import from Zucchetti Management Software)

FlossLab and Tholos continue to work synergically to the evolution and maintenance of the platform created following a Win-Win approach, where process engineering, IT expertise, and the drive to innovation brought forward a true competitive advantage for the Company.

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