PromoFirenze Portal

Themed website for the Special Company of the Florence Chamber of Commerce

The project included the creation of the themed portal of the Special Company of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, called PromoFirenze, implemented through the Content Management System (CMS) Drupal  (

The idea at the base of the planning of the portal, in accordance with the guidelines from the client, was to offer it as a strategic and innovative tool, from local promotional showcase, purely institutional, to effective and emotional work tool to interact with its many parts thanks to its essential speed, ease of access, transparency, universal connectivity, low costs, interactivity, completeness, and customisation of the service. These features combined provide a guarantee of communication effectiveness.

The key element for the creation of the portal was presenting the event as an experience to live, through its calendarisation and an in-depth explanation before and after the event itself, in the news related to it. For this reason, content and its components are a new way to represent events and opportunities in the target market, from a commodity-related and geographic point of view.

Logo PromoFirenze
Screenshot sito PromoFirenze
Screenshot sito PromoFirenze - eventi
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