Rete dei Porti della Sardegna

Creation of advanced portal linked to its APP

Rete dei Porti della Sardegna is a consortium among the managers of marinas in Sardinia.

Taking part to the European Community project “Odyssea”, which fostered a change of meaning of harbours in the Mediterranean, from simple parking spaces for boat to important gateways to the local areas, the Rete dei Porti conveyed the need of renovating their image on the web, making it more usable, more appealing, and, most importantly, more accessible.

FlossLab first analysed the identity of the Client, aiming to understand what the real needs were and how to integrate them with the best technology offers on the market. The choice fell on an Open Source CMS, Drupal: a tool the Client can use to update its portal autonomously, without needing to turn to specialised resource and thus more costs. It also allows for a high vertical integration and the implementation of specific advanced functions. The Portal was then customised and structured following a logic of integration between nautical information and tourism promotion, keeping captivating graphics, in line with the colours of the Network, and the same thing was done for the Mobile application. Since the main reference targets are foreign tourists, both the portal and the application were created to be multilanguage,  providing also content translations by our native speaker partners.

Other than the integration with maps, the most interesting ad-hoc development made for the Client was undoubtedly the creation of a system that enables automatic updates to the APP when the website is updated. By exporting data in xml, every update the Client makes on the portal, be it news or changes on a page, is immediately reflected on the application, avoiding the heavy task of having to update both.

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