Centro Commerciale Le Vele - Millennium

Website and APP creation, Social Media Management services

Centro Commerciale Le Vele – Millennium, located in Quartucciu (CA), Italy, is a one-stop centre for entertainment, food and drinks, and shopping, for Cagliari and its environs. Since the Centro is an important social spot, the Consortium that manages it asked FlossLab for the creation of a website and a matching Mobile application, in order to manage all shops in a coordinated manner, and with the aim to offer customers all the information they need to enjoy their time at the Centro. The offer of Social Media Management services was also added.

The Web platform was thus created using the open source CMS (Content Management System) Drupal, through the  restyling of the previous site.

The APP, developed both for Android and for iOS, includes interesting functions such as saving of one’s car location in the large parking space, and the registration of all loyalty cards.

A dedicated team studied and developed a Strategic social media management plan for the Centro, consistently with its marketing strategy, which included the implementation and management of social tools (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram) through the activity of a dedicated Community Manager who structures, creates, and manages the virtual community around the initiatives of the Centro. The Community Manager also plans and schedules the content of the posts to be shared, in terms of type and posting times, according to the reference target and the typical usage habits on social networks. Moreover, managing feedback and encouraging discussions and word-of-mouth is essential. In this sense, the Community Manager must perform an accurate analysis of comments and discussions by users on the initiatives of the Centro, which represent a quick response of the market. Community Management has thus a double role: not only creating and stimulating the virtual community, but also, and especially, detecting input from users/consumers and sharing them with producers/managers as a useful decision-making tool.

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