APP and website of a promotional, geo-localised showcase of local businesses

The technologic solution offered to C.R.M. s.a.s, a Sardinian start-up founded in 2013 and made of a young, dinamic team working in the event, communication, and web marketing industry, included the creation of a website and a mobile app both for Android and for iOS for the project “Mappami”, the only app that can boast an endorsement from the Municipality of Cagliari.

The aim of the Mappami app is to connect the owners of local businesses and users, locals and tourists alike, creating a promotional and geo-localised showcase for the businesses that want to appear on the Mobile market, other than the opportunity to create and access discount coupons, bypassing possible intermediaries.

In particular, the app Mappami is available in the most spoken European languages, and it aims to improve the quality of the time tourists spend in Sardinia, integrating specific categories for tourism into the showcase, such as services, transports and interesting spots like monuments, parks, and beaches.

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