CONSIP (SOGEI) - Mappa Sistemi

Development of an advanced Knowledge Management system

Consip is a limited company, founded in 1997, of which the sole stakeholder is the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

The management of applications and technology in the Departments of the Ministry of Finance and the Court of Audit is part of the activities assigned to Consip.

Following the increasing complexity of systems, in 2010, with the new agreement between Consip and the Ministry of Finance, the need for an inventory of all applications and technologic items of the Administration became cleare, together with information on the quality of service and maintenance costs of solutions.

FlossLab offered an integrated and highly flexible solution of Knowledge Management, based on independent connectors, mutually attachable to the system, which brought the project to success.
Initially, information coming from the management systems of the State General Accounting Department was managed and reconciled, while information coming from the other Departments and from the Court of Audit were connected at a later stage, on the basis of the previous experience. The extremely high flexibility of the platform allowed to scale new connections around the core, new connections among federated systems, and new navigation interfaces.

Around 12 systems have been currently integrated. The most renown among the commercial ones:
IBM Tivoli Software
Owl Intranet Knowledgebase
Database Oracle, MySql, and SQL Server were integrated with their database, minimising the effort on the source systems and reconciling information distributed over the years.

In Sogei, after the restructuring of the in-house companies of the MEF Sogei-Consip, the project “Mappa Sistemi”, System Map, gained an enormous success, and a further impulse toward evolution was funded by the Ministry of Finance. New systems and new navigation interfaces are currently under integration, to complete the range of applications and technology of the Administration, and, in a future perspective, to offer a real-time, and projected, control on the platform.

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