Bespoke development of online search engine

Beagle24 Srl was founded in 2013 as an innovative start-up, located inside the Cagliari incubator company The Net Value. Thanks to the public call for tenders “Promuovidea” published by the Region of Sardinia for the development of innovative ideas, the team of Beagle24 could actualise their project, a web platform based on an aggregator that offers services related to e-commerce, displaying advertisements for cars, motorbikes, and real estate found on the Net with the aim to connect supply and demand optimising time, resources, and money.

Beagle24’s web platform represents an innovative search engine that uses search algorithms developed ad-hoc and implements advanced coaching and indexing techniques that allow to substanstially quicken response times and optimse result display, in addition to retrieve even more accurate results than the source sites.

The user interface of Beagle24 is developed in accordance with Responsive Web Design techniques, which make it fully usable both on desktop and on different mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones.

screenshot Beagle24
screenshot Beagle24 - 2
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