APP for contactless payment via NFC

The technology solution offered to¬†Liomatic S.p.A, a pioneer of the notorious coffee break through a large-scale distribution of vending machines, is a new way of cashless NFC-type “contactless” payment between Vending Machine and the latest smartphone devices. Vending machine and smartphone, with an NFC antenna, are connected through a channel with an enciphered, customised protocol that allows the Vending Machine to communicate with the Server and receive the authorisation to the transaction from it.

The solution appears to end users as a mobile application, aiming to substitute the traditional Coges key, and allowing users to buy a product sold on a Liomatic vending machine after having topped up their virtual wallet via paypal or credit card, or through a direct top up from the Vending Machine. The application has also the social function of topping up another person’s wallet.

The offer, suitably re-engineered, could be easily extended to different contexts than vending machines, e.g. ticketing in public transport or paid parking spaces.

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