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Web platform for digitisation and online service management

The technology solution offered to the Regional Employment Agency, an institution that regulates services and employment policies in Sardinia, is a web and management platform implemented with the programming language java, through which the entire procedure of work placements, included request, preliminary investigation, approval, ongoing management, and termination, is managed.

The platform is based on an Identity Server that allows SSO (Single Sign On), an advanced mode for centralised authentication inside the applications of the platform itself.

The platform performs a complete digitisation of the supply-and-demand process, by setting a back-end and front-end interface. The former gives the institution a control point on the activities on the platform; the latter is a showcase that facilitates visibility and communications between students, institutions (the Employment Agency), and the host (the Company that requests students as work placement). Moreover, it allows these three actors to interact on attendance by creating a digital record book, on issuing vouchers, filling out compulsory surveys, writing the final evaluation report of work placement students.

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