Case History: Abbanoa SpA

Re-engineering of Business Processes

Abbanoa S.p.A. is the sole managing authority for water services in Sardinia. Abbanoa is one of the long-time clients of FlossLab, availing itself of our Company’s services and expertise since 2010.

Our first contact with Abbanoa dates back to January 2010, when we were contacted with the need to optimise processes related to the management of internal orders and to dematerialise documents regarding workflow.

FlossLab supported Abbanoa in the re-engineering of the order, starting from the reception of requests from users, to the execution and verification of the intervention, through the archiviation of all information and documents related to the work.

Following a careful planning, a centralised system called FlossGC was created. The system was accessible by all active operators in the process, according to different interaction modes, dictated by their different roles. The system turned out to be extremely flexbile, while being robust, able to manage an enormous quantity of data and to face the logistic distribution of Abbanoa branches, 8 districts divided into several areas that span the whole region of Sardinia.

Abbaona’s order management platform was created through the integration of two Open Source systems:

  • Openerp : for process management
  • Alfresco:  for document management

The deep vertical integration on the client’s operational domain contributed to increase FlossLab’s expertise in the research and implementation of bespoke solutions for business processes (in the public and private sectors), so much so that it could be considered as an actual gateway for many subsequent successful projects.

As proof of the satisfaction of Abbanoa as a client, our collaboration is constant and still active, leading to the creation of more products:

  • FlossLetture: management system for the scheduling service of usage checks (readings, “letture”)
  • FlossContratti: management system for contracts between Abbanoa and its suppliers
  • FlossReti:  management system for procedures related to piecework contracts, for maintenance work on water supply networks
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