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What is it?

The Internet portal of an enterprise is the first impression potential Clients receive of it on the web. It is also the means to interact with Clients, offer online services, connect to the Social network of choice. It is often the main tool of the core business of a company (such as in the case of e-Commerce).

What does it do?

Today, most companies are present on the web, but the essential aspects are not often paid the right amount of attention. Whether browsing the Internet on their PC, Tables, or Mobiles, it is vital that Clients can find the company quickly, can view the site properly and use its online services comfortably.

The 10 key aspects of an effective company portal:

1) CMS (Content Management System): the CMS is the system with which enterprises can update and edit their portals independently, add news or pages, launch new campaigns or change pictures. When accessing the personal area, a user-friendly panel helps users in all their tasks, very intuitively. FlossLab uses highly customisable CMS, able to create the most suitable functions to business needs.

2) GRAPHICS: The image of a company is pivotal for its reputation and to convey the right message to the target. FlossLab supports its clients every step of the way, offering a professional consulting to integrate the client’s needs with the best visual communication techniques. We believe a study of graphics beforehand is essential, to integrate the company colors into a coordinated brand image.

3) TECHNOLOGIES: The technology on which the portal is based is fundamental for its whole functioning, but also for future evolutions. Drawing upon its partnership with research, FlossLab uses the best technologies, being able to stay at the forefront of the latest trends, and guaranteeing expertise and experience.

4) MOBILE: The steadily increasing use of smartphones has the market facing the need of being always present and usable also on Mobile. It is a matter of setting the most effective solution: creating an ad-hoc APP, integrating the APP with the portal to ensure automated updates, and making use of the “Responsive Web Design” technology for an effective mobile display of the site, which automatically re-organises and arranges content depending on the device used to view them, making browsing usable and intuitive both from smartphones and PC.

5) WEB MARKETING: Being on the web is not enough today, but it is also necessary to promote oneself and be easily found. FlossLab studies SEO and SEM strategies, indexing and optimisation for better results on search engines,  studying and using important keywords for the target of reference.

6) ONLINE SERVICES: Development of online services from the Internet portal, such as online payments, chat support, online booking and orders.

7) E-COMMERCE: Creation of e-commerce portals that manage different functions according to specific needs (catalogues, showcasing products, launch of promotions, price management, online payments, newsletters, magazines, etc.).

8) MULTILANGUAGE: Multilanguage portals, with optional translation of contents for foreign targets.

9) SOCIAL: Portal integration with the most important social networks for the client. Study and launch of social campaign, consulting on its management. Proficiency and expertise on all social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, Slideshare, LinkedIn, etc.

10) OPEN SOURCE: FlossLab, according to its own tradition, mainly uses Open Source Systems also for CMS. The portal and all of its functions can be integrated with other applications, and with Intranet portals.