Intranet Portals

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What is it?

Intranet Portals are the ideal tools for an efficient internal organisation of work, to exchange information, data, to improve processes and management.

What does it do?

Intranet Portals, especially Information Portals (EIP – Enterprise Information Portal), make it possible to centralise the management of the whole wealth of already existing information. A Portal, generally, can be seen as an “aggregator” of information that tries to structure it in order to make it easier and faster to peruse. There are also Company Portals, either Enterprise Information Portals or Corporate Portals.
EIP make information accessible, relevant, and more importantly, they help users manage the data of the Organisation/Company using knowledge to the fullest, in order to earn a concrete added value. Accessibility to service applications and integration applications to different information sources are the key requirements to an efficient access to the large portion of information requested by different users, internal and external to the Organisation/Company.

What are its advantages?

  • Open Standard Formats for Content
  • Content Organisation
  • Content Management System
  • Content Classification
  • Content Presentation
  • Content Update and Visibility

What are its features?

  • Customised Authentication and Authorisation
  • Use of the Italian Electronic ID Card and National Service Card for authentication
  • Notification area for messages
  • User Services Citizen/Enterprises
  • Display of procedures of interest
  • Requests for procedure opening
  • Online payments
  • Automated notification system
  • User Operator Services
  • Access to specialised applications
  • Automated notification system
  • Services for Users of another Organisation