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PAND is here! A model for a Digital Native Public Administration that caters to the needs of the new Smart Cities and contributes to their development, offering a new model of active citizenship and of an efficient public administration.

What does PAND mean?

PAND is an acronym for “Pubblica Amministrazione Nativa Digitale” (Digital Native Public Administration), an Italian phrase we coined at our company to address an ambitious idea of an intelligent and computerised Administration.

With this goal in mind, we developed software solutions to guarantee leaner and smoother processes, a significant reduction in public costs, improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of services, and a perfect administrative transparency. We computerise and automate procedures and services, encouraging a simplification of tasks both for Organisations and citizens, as well as for enterprises.



In our PAND, a document management system digitises the workflow on documents, avoiding redundancies, waste of paper, and stuck procedures, thus reaching efficient goals of dematerialisation. Online services allow citizens to download their certificates, check the status of their procedures, or pay town taxes directly from the institutional portal. With the administrative transparency system, the publication of official records and documents in PAND is immediate, and updates are automated. Its presence on Social Networks and the use of innovative systems, such as e-Participation, make our PAND closer to citizens and communities.

What about licences?

At FlossLab, we believe in free software and in the elimination of the bonds coming from licences, suppliers, forced expenses. The Open Source philosophy is at the core of our activity: it does not represent only a reduction in costs, it most importantly means freedom.

Freedom of creating, choosing, improving, sharing.