Process and Procedure Management

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What is it?

Process and Procedure Management is a system with which the workflows in Public Administration can be drawn, in  order to rationalise and computerise processes based on a well-established structure and organisational habits.

What does it do?

This system enables:

  • Implementing advanced workflows that can manage the chain of tasks related to procedures, even complex ones;
  • Managing the concept of tasks to be assigned/already been assigned to users, and monitor the users’ actions;
  • Ensuring communication among participants thanks to the exchange of requests and messages among users;
  • Managing records and documents associated to procedures, upholding strict security criteria;
  • Assigning roles and groups to each user;
  • Determine workflow action in a granular way, based on roles and groups (e.g.: transition from a first entering “draft procedure” to ad advanced “confirmed procedure”), deciding what each user can do, and access rights (for creation, viewing, editing, and deleting) to information entities;
  • Generation and attachment of documents.

What are its advantages?

  • Control on processes;
  • Sharing procedures and data; 
  • Rationalised task management.

What are its features?

  • Recording workflows;
  • Adaptable to organisational structure; 
  • Control on user activity; 
  • Easy and fast use; 
  • Configurability; 
  • Integration with other applications.