On 2 and 3 July, we will participate in SINNOVA 2015, the third annual Innovation Exhibition in Sardinia.

We have so many new things to show you: we are going to talk about our ambitious Digital Native Public Administration project, which we are carrying out with the University of Cagliari, related to the computerisation of processes and procedures in public and private organisations, the development of automations and business intelligence tools that allow for a significantly increased effectiveness of activity.

We are going to talk about the Portal and the APP on Food and Produce in Sardinia, which we have been developing for Sardegna Ricerche. Thanks to them, users will be able to discover all of our delicacies, both in Italian and in English!

We are going to present our Sentiment Analysis service: we can extract and analyse all the opinions users have on your company brand from social networks. You will be able to “listen” and measure what is said about you on the web.

And there’s more: we are going to tell you about our solution for contactless payment via NFC in Liomatic vending machines, about the convenience of having a wallet in your smartphone and topping it up online!

Flosslab srl Sinnova Sardegna

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