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FlossLab is the first Spin-off company of the University of Cagliari. It originated from the activity and expertise of Agile Group, a research group on software engineering, with a focus on Agile methodologies and Open Source software.

The company was founded thanks to Michele Marchesi and Giulio Concas, with the purpose of industrialising the results of their research and offering advanced software solutions on the market, for public and private companies.

FlossLab, with its constant partnership with many Universities, Research Centres and enterprises, has gained a solid know-how and a large portfolio of solutions based on e-government, knowledge management, Saas, Social, etc.

Its values encompass a social and innovative ecosystem, oriented to the creation of added value, not divisible, for the client. In line with those values, FlossLab adopts a strategic approach to formalise them, employing a “Quality Management System” compliant with an internationally recognised model. For this reason, FlossLab received the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate on 19/12/2013 from DNV GL Business Assurance Italia Srl, pertaining to the following application field: design, development, implementation, support, and maintenance of software application products (Sector EA:33).


FlossLab is led by Managers with decades of experience in the design, development, and integration of Software for businesses, paired with an intense academic life, made of study and teaching. As a lab-company, FlossLab made an operational philosophy out of technology innovation and the research of new software solutions that are inexpensive, reliable, and efficient. The 25 person team of our company is made of a matrix of professionals with a long history of success in the world of IT for businesses, integrated by the best graduates and PhD graduates of the University of Cagliari. Most of them belong to the technical field, but there is also a very strong group focused on marketing and communication.

Choosing Open Source

FlossLab chose to adopt Open Source components wherever possible and convenient. It is not so much, and not only, to aim for the cost reductions that their use often involve, but rather to improve the quality of the solutions and products offered to our clients. It means freeing us – and them – from the dependency on specific suppliers, and retaining total control on the software.

Our Innovation Mission

The Mission at FlossLab is to bring innovation and experience to its Clients, increasing their competitiveness through an approach of digitisation of processes and documents.

We firmly believe in a “Digital Native Public Administration” and in a “Digital Native Enterprise”. An approach that allows enterprises and administrations to increase their efficiency and effectiveness through the computerisation of their “core processes”, in order to streamline the service offered to their users/customers with lower costs, thus becoming more competitive.

Expertise and References

Competenze e Referenze

When we communicate outside the company, the words come out of a single person’s mouth, but with the strength of many minds… many souls. And so every one of us tries to overcome their own limits.

Values at FlossLab

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Company Info

FLOSSLAB SRL Registered office: Via Zara 11, 09123 Cagliari Italy Tax Code / VAT Number: 03096510924 Registered with the Business Register of Cagliari from 21/03/2007 Registered to REA No. 246140 Share capital composition € 20000.00, of which € 20000.00 paid up.