e-Prot: the IT Protocol

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What is it?

e-Prot is an IT Protocol and Document Management System.

This solution is an effective tool to manage computerised records and documents, supporting central and local Public Administration offices.

This tool makes it possible to manage the whole recording procedure in compliance with the current Italian law regarding electronic file registration and archiving.

e-Prot is Open Source: it frees Customers from the bonds of licences and suppliers, and it is more secure.

What does it do?

e-Prot is a tool that makes reaching the following goals more efficiently and effectively:

  • Shift from a “paper” document archive to an electronic system, meaning that documents are unambiguously identified and can be readily found;
  • Use of the archive system database to access documents with different search keys, setting parameters according to the needs of different user groups; 
  • Higher security of the service, in storage and low circulation of original copies, with the certainty of retrieving a document and the opportunity to immediately check its relation to other documents;
  • Compliance with the current Italian regulations related to functional and organisational innovation, introduced by the latest Italian laws;
  • Improve in efficiency and effectiveness regarding the activity of the users accessing the database/information in documents;
  • Access to the same document by more users at the same time, overcoming issues with simultaneous consultations, or with misplaced documents;
  • Saving space and costs compared to paper archives.

What are its advantages?

  • The most widespread Open Source IT protocol solution: stability and customisation
  • Time saving
  • Cost-effective access to each single document
  • Higher transparency towards citizens and within the Administration
  • Interoperability and availability of documents for other processes

What are its features?

  • Record of document input, output, and internal;
  • Classification according to filing plan; 
  • Marking: unambiguously identifies the protocol; 
  • Document sorting and filing in folders; 
  • Registers: official register, emergency register, multi-register; 
  • Statistics: daily record, statistical reports on the progress of procedures; 
  • Organisation: organisation charts, profiles, roles, offices, surplus management (storage); 
  • Personal records: identity records for natural persons and corporate entities, distribution lists; 
  • Acquisition from scanners, email, Italian Certified Email (PEC), verification of digital signature; 
  • Workflow: assignment (for area of responsibility, or for information), acceptance, reassignment, refusal; 
  • Search based on all kinds of recorded information and full-text search within the document.

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