About Us

Michele Marchesi


Founder of FlossLab. “Applying the scientific knowledge developed during research on the field is absolutely fascinating.”

Stefano Marras


CEO at FlossLab. He coordinates and runs the company engine. His motto is: “There are no problems, only solutions”.

Franco Serreli


General Manager at FlossLab. “Sharing one’s ideas and intuition is my philosophy”.

Giuseppe Amodeo


Area Manager at FlossLab. His motto is: “Mediating innovation means taking care of a sweeping change. And the adoption of new systems and criteria has ancient roots”.

Mauro Ascione


Account Manager. His motto is: “Talent may make you win a game, but teamwork makes you win the championship”.

Marco Di Francesco


Business Unit Manager, but also a lover of pastries and coffee.

Daniele Sanna


Business Unit Manager, expert in document process management. Passionate about books, music, and diving.

Dino Manca


Business Unit Manager. Interested in new technology, and always on a quest for new and amazing software architectures. Although he’s incredibly stubborn, he always strives for a compromise for the sake of maximum effectiveness.

Ilaria Mura


She’s our Marketing Manager, with an eye for detail and for never running out of smiles in the company. She’s taken her motto from Gandhi’s famous: “If we take care of the means, we are bound of reach the end”.

Paola Bullita


Accounting Manager. She successfully applies Problem Solving as a working method to overcome every obstacle without losing her unfailing smile.

Daniela Melis


Always happy to learn something new, she works in administration and reporting. As an aspiring sommelier, she loves dessert wines, especially botrytised ones.

Guglielmo Marchesi


Legal consultant, he likes to delve into clauses and regulations. His motto is: “Dubium sapientiae initium”.

Very passionate about travelling (strictly low-cost) and football. Floating goalkeeper in Flosslab’s five-a-side football team.

Martina Vitrani


Industrial Engineer and Quality Manager at Flosslab. She believes in the strength of the team, and in proactive work. Her motto is: “It’s the lack of care for small things that brings forth the biggest mistakes”.

Antonio Ariu


Software Architect passionate about software design and development. Every project on which he works is a stimulating experience and a chance for professional growth. His motto is: “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

Francesco Alba


Project Manager, with a degree in Electronic Engineering. He firmly believes in cooperation and knowledge sharing. In his free time, he dreams of a vertical life like Walter Bonatti’s.

Saul Lai


Software Architect, called “war machine” due to his productivity. A man of few words, he was hired to balance out Gian Luca’s “talkativeness”.

Gian Luca Farris


Software Engineer. The point of convergence between man and machine. While in a constant (and loud) dialogue with his PC, he can tame the most challenging software issues.

Luca Cireddu


System Admistrator, there’s nothing he can’t solve. He’s said to be able to use a watch to connect you to the Internet. His mother says: “It was so nice of him to design our shop’s network… Pity he was only 9”.

Fabio Attoli


Fabio is our Graphic Designer. He works in Web Design and any other area related to images, video, and audio.

Gabriele Boscaratto


Software Engineer specialised in the front-end side. He speaks Italian, English, and Javascript.

Marco Ortu


Software Engineer passionate about software technology, wine, and good food. For him, software is like good wine, ever evolving and improving with time.

Gianluca Vinci


Project Manager passionate about the Internet and new entrepreneurial ideas. He’s specialized in E-commerce and loves to sleep in the virtual warehouses of online shops.

Samuele Collu


Software Engineer with a degree in Information Technology, he’s also the assault centre-forward of FlossLab’s five-a-side football team.

Andrea Loddo


In love with technology, IT, and sports. He firmly believes in his ideals. His motto is: “If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will”.

Francesco Bullegas


Junior Software Engineer, passionate about models and theories. He uses IT to understand the world around him. His motto is: “Do things in the simplest way, but don’t simplify”.

Micheel Pedreira


Junior Software Engineer. He’s of Brazilian origins, loves technology, football, and beer.

Norman Argiolas


Software Developer, passionate about coin collecting and arduino. A developer and forensics analyst who’s willing to make mistakes only to grow further.

Claudio Melis


Web Developer. His motto is: “Never go back, not even to take a run-up”.

Pier Paolo Masia


Software Engineer with a passion for software development, sports, and good food. His motto is: “Believe in the strength of your dreams, and they will come true”.

Andrea Zanda


Software Engineer. Problem solver in love with technology.

Matteo Minotti


Junior Software Engineer, part of FlossLab’s Rome team. Crazy about technology and volleyball. He’s also quite stubborn, give him any topic and he will talk about it for hours.

Alberto Buschettu


Software Engineer. Stubborn and keen on impossible challenges. Official supplier of homemade wine and grappa.

Andrea Peruzzu


Software Developer, passionate about web design and always updated on news from the e-gov industry. When Dinamo Sassari plays in a basketball match, he switches to his “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Georgia Sanna


She combines her passion for linguistic analysis of written and oral languages with a new interest in the language of social media. As a Community Manager, that led her to the understanding that the most important thing in communication is “listening” to what’s not being said.

Fabiana Boi


Community Manager. A background in humanities, and an experience as a startupper that made her realise that she could learn to do anything. She’s passionate about everything communication: social media, comics, TV series. Rock’n roll included.