BPM: Business Process Management

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What is it?

BPM (Business Process Management), also called Business Process Management System, is a system that enables the computerisation of workflows and the automation of some processes.

What does it do?

This system is to be considered like a “blackboard” where all workflows of the organisation can be drawn, in terms of organisational structure and in terms of processes. This goal is reached through the implementation of an advanced workflow engine, which can manage assignments and monitor user actions. Data and documents associated to each project are shared under strict security criteria, and communication among the participants is guaranteed by requests that users can send and receive. User profiling enables permissions to be customised for each user.

FlossLab, according to its own tradition, mainly uses Open Source Systems also for BPM, like Open Object. The system and all of its potential can be integrated with other applications (such as DMS) and with other Internet and Intranet portals.

What are the advantages?

  • Optimisation and rationalisation of business activity;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Sharing and standardisation of procedures;
  • Centralisation of data (which can thus be integrated and accessed by any person with access rights);
  • Increase in productivity;
  • Control and monitoring of processes.

What are its features?

  • Early analysis and definition of processes;
  • High customisation;
  • Profiling of permissions for Users and work groups;
  • Task assignment;
  • Personal dashboard and notification system;
  • Workflow monitoring system;
  • Business Intelligence System (reports and statistical analysis);
  • Integration with other applications;
  • Integration with Internet/Intranet portals.


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